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Our Services

Being a parent is hard.  Like, really hard.  And we get it - almost everyone that works at the Nursery is a parent.  That's why we're here.  The Nursery can care for up to 10 children at one time, depending on scheduling and volunteer participation.  Because of our limited capacity, children are admitted based on the severity of the situation. 


Common reasons for care include,
but are not limited to:

  • Stress breaks
    (Examples include recovery after medical care, death in the family, and personal time for parents)

  • Temporary loss of regular childcare 
    (Such as a regular caregiver is ill.  Please note that this is our lowest crisis level and will be treated as a non-emergency situation.)

  • Persons affected by domestic violence or being unhoused

  • Court or Medical Appointments

If your situation isn't listed above, please call for more information.  Mini O'Beirne has no restrictions on crisis childcare use, including no income or residency requirements.

What the Nursery Does Require:
  • Children be aged from birth to six years old

  • Documentation for the child and proof of guardianship (Such as a birth certificate)

  • Photo identification for the guardian

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Any special dietary needs (The Nursery provides all needed items, including meals, clothing, diapers, and toys!)

  • Access to the guardian by phone at all times

  • Time for children to be picked up

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