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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Children's Holiday Store

The Children’s Holiday Store is a wonderful shopping experience that teaches children about the joy of giving to others. With nearly 2,000 children coming to shop, the store has become something many families look forward to generation after generation.

Your generous sponsorship of the Holiday Store ensures that we are able to continue to offer free emergency crisis care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We hope you will join us in maintaining a safe, secure environment for children who are at risk of being neglected or abused and for families who are experiencing a crisis. Your sponsorship provides:

  • Emergency Childcare - Free,24-hour crisis childcare for those at risk for abuse and neglect.

  • Basic Needs Assistance - Access to diapers, wipes, formula and essential infant supplies to community members in need.

  • Family Support Services - Direct support to families in need through one-on-one counseling and intensive services.

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